Quality since 1976

Northern Goose specializes in the processing and sale of premium and naturally grown geese. Northern Goose supplies to grocery, specialty grocery, restaurant & hospitality, and directly to local customers.

Great Fresh Taste

Our geese are raised using traditional farming practices, range fed on planted cereals and supplemented with only locally farmed grains. The result is a deliciously tender meal, suitable for big holiday gatherings, or Sunday evening meals with the family. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!


Birds are procured directly from local Manitoba goose farmers, and all birds are raised naturally, outdoors and grain fed, both from manual and natural grazing sources.


Northern Goose processes two types of goose species for different markets. First is the Emden Goose, a large Christmas-style goose typically enjoyed during the holidays and special occasions. The other, which is increasingly popular is a Chinese goose, which is often enjoyed prepared BBQ roasted style. Both species offer a rich, distinctive and exceptional taste, suitable for a festive or celebratory meal.


Birds are raised locally in Manitoba, in large free-grazing pens. Birds are free to feed on planted cereals at their leisure, and their diet is supplemented with locally grown grain which is constantly available for them to feed on.

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